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Want cracking e-commerce without the gobbledegook? Learn how

As usual, we’re brimming with tips, advice and observations for you this month over at the hub. Kick back with an ice lolly and catch up on all the must-know tips and insight from the world of SMEs.

Building an online shop can be confounding but our Gobbledegook-free Guide to e-commerce is jam-packed with no-nonsense tips and enough information to help you become a knight among digital shopkeepers.

Ever wonder why your customers don’t come back for more? If you have the chilling feeling you might be scaring them off, put a plug in the horror story and learn how to turn a dark tale into a blossoming romance.

If you’ve never really considered export, our inspirational lowdown might just change your mind. SMEs trading overseas are 11% more likely to survive than their domestic counterparts - and that’s just one compelling argument.

There’s bags more, from exciting advice about collaborating, and plenty HR tips, including what superpower personalities you need in your dream team and customer service secrets for all of us from the world of retail.

Here’s to a successful summer. Mine’s a cornetto.

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